Before you book a tour, please read these important notes;

• We have removed our online booking app. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Because of every customers individual needs we take pride in chatting with each customer to ensure all their questions are answered and needs are met so that day tour can be pleasurable and enjoyable.

• The tour will run any day of the week that we have a minimum of 4 people. If your party is smaller than 4, please do not hesitate to contact us as it is very common to have other parties booked on the same sailing day and we will be glad to fit you in.

• Prices are 80$ + tax for adults and 55$ + tax for youth under 18. You may also book the vessel privately and do a customized tour around your schedule. Please call 902-740-2295 for this option. Children under 5 years old can join us for free.

 We are a Transport Canada certified passenger vessel with a well trained crew that exceed all medical and safety certifications.

•Bathroom services are available on the vessel as well as at our stop on Big Tusket Island at our seaside shanty.

•Access to the vessel and all docks along the tour are via standard stairs with safety railing. There will be no need to use any ladders during the trip.

•When booking a tour we always need a contact number that is the easiest to reach you if issues with weather arise. The staff of Tusket Island Tours often monitors several weather stations to best estimate the conditions of that day. Weather on the coast in not often easily estimated by simply watching the standard weather channel on television. Most days weather doesn’t pose any issues but if rain is forecasted we will call you and consult with you if you would like to reschedule, adjust the times around rain or brave the rain as we have ponchos aboard as well. As high winds can pose safety issues it is the solely captain’s decision if wind will cancel the tour. We do not take deposits prior to the tour, however we kindly ask that you leave the decision to cancel the tour due to weather with our knowledgeable captain. Cancelling at the last minute may negatively impact other customer’s booking.

•Tours will NOT be paid online. Payment will be made aboard the boat (cash or credit). 

•We encourage you to bring your camera, snacks, sunscreen and and an extra sweater. It can be chillier than expected on the ocean! 

•To book please call or text 902-740-2295 or email


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